Winter Skin Care with Shelby Schauer

I’ve been curious about skin care as I’ve aged (I just turned 45) and how the two climates I live in affect my skin.  So, I asked Shelby Schauera Woodland esthetician, to help me understand what my priorities should be.  She answered my questions, see below, and gave me her Express Facial (30 minutes, $55).  It was a great reset for me and a good reminder to take care of my skin prior to bed time, it just takes a few extra minutes!

For my skin regimen she suggests a cream cleanser, twice a week exfoliating ritual, and a serum immediately after showering and/or washing my face.  She also suggests the following;

  • Do not use hot water to wash my face, use cool water
  • Apply serum immediately. (I know I’m saying this twice, but she put a huge emphasis on it!) She said, “Don’t waste even a minute! Put the serum on ASAP after washing your face or getting out of the shower.”
  • Hydrate your body, drink lots of water (this is something she tells me every time I see her)
  • Before bed, your face should have enough serum/cream on to feel dewy.  Mimic the way your skin feels after a facial.

Thanks Shelby!

Esthetics by Shelby
Sinor Salons – 313 Court St
Woodland, Ca. 95695
(530) 312-9224

What’s the most common skin issue you see when working with clients?
I think the most common skin issues all estheticians treat are acne/acne scars (teens and adults), pigmentation and wrinkles (40s and older). Acne can affect any age group unfortunately (thanks hormones!). Age prevention should be taken into consideration for a skin care routine or treatment starting in the 20s- it’s easier to stay a step ahead rather than playing catch up later on!

Exfoliate with dead sea salt to loosen buildup, charcoal for purification and natural oils for hydration

What would you say is the number one mistake people are making when it comes to skin care?
Not applying enough sunscreen! There’s so much more to sun protection than people think! First of all, just because your makeup has sunscreen in it doesn’t mean it’s enough. We should all be religiously and generously applying sunblock to our faces every morning. If your foundation and/or powder has sunblock in it (which it should!!), that’s an added bonus for protection. Secondly, reapplication of sunblock is often forgotten. With mineral powders these days, there’s no excuse not to be liberal about reapplication every few hours! People think they’re protected all day long from their morning application, when in reality, that protection only lasts up to 2hrs. Extra SPF advice: Always go mineral over chemical when you have the option!

What is the first step you suggest in correcting skin issues?
A Proper skin care regimen is essential to the health and radiance of  your skin. In order to start a good skin care routine, meet with your esthetician for a basic facial to identify your skin type, address concerns, and discuss lifestyle factors that will help determine what your skin needs. Once you start on a new home care routine, be patient grasshopper! Give your new products at least two months to take good effect and make sure to be consistent- consistency is the key to success! I always tell my clients that 75% of the puzzle is their diligence to home-care, and 25% comes from professional treatments. Whether your facials are monthly or quarterly, treatments can make significant progress in skin correction. Microdermabrasion is an awesome universal treatment that will speed up your correction process!

Warm towel wrap for removal of the milk protein mask

What are the benefits of having a facial?
The many benefits of regular facials definitely make treatments worth investing in! Facials help reduce the impact of damage from the sun and other environmental factors; reduce inflammation due to certain skin conditions and stress; clear clogged pores; even out the skin pigment and texture; remove dead skin cells that are impeding your products from working optimally and the overall health and glow of the skin; increase blood flow/circulation and lymphatic drainage which reduces puffiness and the onset of wrinkles….the list goes on! If you’ve never experienced a good facial before, then you’ll be in for a treat when you realize how relaxing and stress-reducing they are as well! The face massage will blow your mind!

Does the fluctuating weather we’re having affect our skin?
Change of season and change of climate definitely have a significant impact on your skin’s health and its needs. Just as you change your wardrobe with every season, you need to change your skin care routine. For example, in drier climates or seasons like we are entering now, you’re more likely to experience skin dryness, flakiness and irritations like eczema. This leads to a very lackluster, parched appearance— nobody wants to look like a dried out raisin! The dry air literally steals your skins’ moisture, so it’s so important to use a more emollient, rich cream to retain your natural moisture barrier, as well as, the hydration you’ve put into your skin with your serum (serums are a must 24/7/365!).

Does living in different climates really make that big of a difference in how you should care for your skin?
Your skin is your body’s largest organ.  If you want it to stay healthy and look good, you’ve got to take care of it! No matter what age or gender, your skin requires TLC! Be good to it, and it will be good to you. It’s never too late to benefit from treatments and new product!

What is your skin regimen?  Do you have products you swear by?  I’d love to know what they are.  Here are a few products that are in my skin care rotation: cleanser and serum.

Photos by Killion Newsom

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  • Reply bailey1mom December 7, 2017 at 9:10 am

    I’ve never had a facial and this is making me want to book on ASAP!!! Looks amazing!!

    • Reply Kelly Newsom December 7, 2017 at 10:07 am

      The express is great too. Affordable and get you on track. Try her out!!

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