• What’s Your Personality?

    A few years ago I came across the website 16 Personalities and became obsessed with learning about my own, INFJ – the Advocate.  It’s a bit eerie how accurate the results are.  For instance, I became offended when I read I get easily offended!  But it’s true, I’m very sensitive and become defensive when I feel something isn’t “fair” or if I feel my motives come into question.  For me, I think it boils down to intention and integrity.  They are qualities that as I age have become very important to me and something I’ve worked really hard to ensure they are in the forefront of my mind on the daily.

    So, when something I’m working on or someone I’m working with receives resistance or a harsh opposing view I become…let’s just say, passionate.  Some may say I’m hot-headed, you know “there goes that Scorpio!”, but really it is because I FEEL, to the core, passionate about the subject.  It may have caused an issue or two for me but once I understood this part of me I’ve recognized it much more quickly than before.  So, it’s getting better but it is something that’s there and rears its head once in a while.

    My family also took the test, here’s their personalities types:

    • My son Dylan and I have almost the same personality with the only difference being he is an extrovert.  He’s ENFJ -the Protagonist, although if you ask me he can be quiet the antagonist too 🙂 
    • Killion, my daughter, is EFSP, the Entertainer.  She definitely brings life to the house and when she’s away at school there is a big void in the house.
    • Jon is ESTJ, the Executive.  His patience with me is next level, sometimes I can’t deal with myself!  He’s orderly, I’m a mess.  He’s organized, me…not so much.

    Have you ever taken a personality test?  What do you think about having your family take the quiz before your next holiday gathering?  You never know, you might find out why your sister is so crazy!  (My sister isn’t crazy, btw <3)

    Here is the link to the 16 Personalities test.  I’d love to know what your personality is and whether you think it’s accurate.  Leave a comment below!

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