• On the 3rd Anniversary of My Dad’s Death

    It’s been three years since my dad’s death and as I reflect on our relationship I wanted to share three things he taught me.  These weren’t lessons discussed between us, they are behaviors he displayed with consistency, that over the span of my life have become part of who I am.

    1.  Be a confidant.  When someone tells you a secret, you keep it FOREVER.  No excuses.  When I told my dad something in confidence I use to say, “please don’t share this with anyone”.  He never did and I stopped asking the question because I knew he would never compromise the trust I had in him.  This simple promise allowed us to talk about most everything.

    2.  Give sound advice.  Advice shouldn’t be flimsy or only given with agreement to the one asking for it.  If someone asks for your advice, give it to them straight.  My Dad always gave the best advice.  He backed it up by never wavering and used his own experience to give it a back bone.  I may not have always taken his advice but it was always noted and taken into consideration.

    3.   Say ‘I love you’ to your kids.  Without fail, my dad would end a conversation or text with some form of ‘I love you’.  And it wasn’t a obligatory ‘I love you’.  It was a statement made to ensure I knew he LOVED ME.  Say it to your kids, I have it’s probably the phrase most used in our household.

    Aren’t these great lessons?  Simple but very impactful.

    I was honored to write his obituary