• High School Love Letters

    Today Jon and I are celebrating our 30th dating anniversary!

    The best gift Jon ever gave me is a shoe box filled with memorabilia from our first few years of dating.  He saved over 73 letters I wrote to him, my first concert ticket stub, movie tickets, pictures and cards.  We re-read the first ten I wrote, which spanned just over a week’s time, and laughed so hard.  The things on my mind and the words I used, totally 80’s.

    Here are some of these keepsakes.

    First letter I wrote after our first date, 11/30/1987.  Ps. Tina’s middle name is Ramona

    Hall Pass to get me out of class the next day <3

    My first ever concert | Depeche Mode
    Depeche 1988

    His Senior Night photo, June 1988
    1988 Senior Night

    A clip from Seventeen about Long Distance Relationships I sent him before he left for college.
    He’s a bit of a romantic, huh?