My 2018 Goals

Happy New Years!  Four days into the New Year and it’s already crazy busy.  We moved Killion to Chico and Dylan is spending 16 days in New York City.  Jon is back to his weekly travel schedule and I’m trying to plan out my blog posts, client game plans and figuring out the best way to manage my time.  I developed a system two weeks ago and so far so good.  I’ll share that in another post.

Last week I put together my goals for 2018 and shared them in my weekly newsletter.  If you’d like to subscribe, follow this link and you’ll receive a weekly email every Friday afternoon.

I have five goals I’d like to tackle this year. I chose them because I know if I accomplish them I’ll be a better person for it. Each create their own little challenge; facing a fear, examining my decisions and finding solutions I may not initially enjoy.  I also made sure they pair well with my Value System, adding to my life and not taking away.

Here they are:

Go Solo More

I have a personal bucket list to explore small towns of Northern California. Most are day trips and all are doable except one tiny, little thing. It scares me to do things by myself. I like having alone time at home but the idea of venturing out solo makes me very uncomfortable. I imagine myself getting lost, wandering the street aimlessly, a loner without a friend, haha. There’s more truth in that sentence than I’d like to admit!  So, I’m resolved to make this a priority for 2018, to hit the road and just move forward.

Explore More

This goes hand in hand with Go Solo More but there’s more to exploring that venturing out.  I want to explore meditation, self care, contribution and meaningful relationships.  It’s a lot but there’s something that feels meaningful about this goal.

Find My Giggle

When my dad passed away, almost three years ago, I lost my lightness. Jon would describe it as, I laid down on the couch and never got up. A daze, a fog, or whatever your term for it is, I’m trying to get out of it. I’ve definitely made strides and what I noticed most is I’ve lost my giggle. I realized it when I watched an animal video and I got to giggling so much my stomach hurt, like cramping up type of laughing. I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed like that since he passed. I have no idea how to work on this goal but I’m sure there’s a solution out there.

Get More Sleep

I know I don’t function well if I don’t get a solid night’s sleep. I toss and turn a lot and it’s rare that I just sleep soundly through the night. I’ve been dabbling with meditation before bed and my goal is to make it a priority before bed.  It seems to help with relaxing my mind prior to bed, which is really important because at the end of the day I’m already thinking of tomorrow and the next day :-/

Be More Brave

Speak up, guard my value system, learn to say no.  These may not typically be categorized as being brave, but for me speaking up and saying no don’t come naturally.  I get passionate about things, sure.  But I don’t always say what I’m really thinking or feeling and I often hold it in until it’s just a little too late.  Being Brave to me means not compromising myself for someone else’s feelings, opinions or comfort.

Do you have goals for the New Year?  I’d love to know what they are!

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2 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals

  • Reply Walt Lucas January 4, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Sounds like a good plan. Especially the solo/bravery part.

    Growing up out in the sticks, I learned to enjoy my own company and I even take solo vacations. My wife thinks I’m crazy to drive up the Oregon coast and sit on a lonely beach by myself, but she doesn’t like to travel so she lets me go solo whenever I feel the need.

    The losing your dad part is a hard one. I don’t have any advice other than it takes time. It took me two years to really get back on track after my dad passed.

    I read a piece by David Wong in Cracked of all places that hit home Not just for me, but also for people I know. They are great people, but have a hard time overcoming who they are, or maybe just how people see them.

    It’s a long piece, but the advice that made me reexamine how I try to improve came from this section. – A guy is complaining he can’t find a girlfriend. –

    “So, what, you’re saying that I should pick up a book on how to get girls?”

    Only if step one in the book is “Start making yourself into the type of person girls want to be around.”

    Because that’s the step that gets skipped — it’s always “How can I get a job?” and not “How can I become the type of person employers want?” It’s “How can I get pretty girls to like me?” instead of “How can I become the type of person that pretty girls like?” See, because that second one could very well require giving up many of your favorite hobbies and paying more attention to your appearance, and God knows what else. You might even have to change your personality. ”

    I use that all the time on the young people I mentor. (and I use it on me too)
    Instead of “I’m going to lose 10 pounds by June” I now start thinking, how would a more fit person use this time? What would a more fit person order off this menu? What about normal routine would a more fit person stop doing?

    That’s my new thinking anyway, I’ll let you know how it works out.

    Good luck to you in this new year.

    • Reply Kelly Newsom January 4, 2018 at 3:09 pm

      You’re so right, Walt. It comes down to accountability and integrity. Both mean looking at the whole picture, not just the part you want to blame or justify. It’s taken me a long, long time to one -see myself for who I am, two – admit I am who I am, and three – like myself, flaws and all. Being a ‘whole person’ is my goal. I’ll read the post you referenced too. Kel

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