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I must confess, at 45 I’m learning how to be a better friend.  This isn’t something that’s easy for me to say, it’s actually a bit embarrassing.  The list as to why I’ve been this way is long (and for another post) but good news!  I’m working on it daily and what’s most amazing is that my soul has benefitted from the process.  That missing piece of my heart that I’ve always wondered about has been filled.  Does this even make sense?!

So, I’ve been thinking about how to better connect with friends and family over the holidays and I think for me it will be more about experiences than material gifts.  Don’t miss understand, a material gift is lovely and I’m not opposed it them.  It’s just with the  realization that conversation, connection and bonding with others is so rewarding I think having experiences is my priority.

So, here are four simple suggestions but remember that just spending time together is always the best gift.

Tea List-5Afternoon Tea at Tea List in Davis is one of my most favorite things to do with a friend.  It’s an entire experience; the decor, small bistro tables, hot tea and delicious food.  Add the best conversation with a friend and you’ve created a wonderful day.  Afternoon Tea is $19.95 per person.

I’ve never gone on a hot air balloon ride but fellow Woodland Blogger Stacy Brown has and she blogged about it here.  I’m not a big fan of heights but it looks so fun and it’s an experience you’ll always remember.  Yolo Ballooning Adventures rates begin at $195/person

Tickets to the Woodland Opera House is a new thing for me.  It’s become a ritual for my mother in law and me, to spend a Sunday afternoon watching a play.  I’ve laughed, watched her laugh, cried and have really enjoyed every performance.  Individual tickets are $25 for reserved seating and they also have options for season tickets and a flex pass.

A crafting class, especially one by our very own locals, is something special.  Creating art and learning a new skill with others is lasting.  I’ve taken two of Emily Murphey Design hand lettering classes; one with friends and one with my sister.  For her it’s not just about the art, it’s an entire experience.  Her ability to create an environment and setting that is personal is a highlight of the class. Another local class I’ve been eyeing is the Full Belly Farm Floral Workshops.  Pricing varies depending on class $45 and up.

I’d love to know what you do with your friends and family to enhance your time with them?  Leave a comment below and share!

Woodland Opera House and Emily Murphey Design photos courtesy of their sites (links above)

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