Ultimate Cheese Platter

Are there poems about cheese?  If there aren’t, there should be.  That’s how much I love thee.

Two years ago I partnered with Emily Murphey Designs and Emily Tidwell Photography on Visit Woodland post, The Ultimate Cheese Platter.  It’s the perfect post to learn about cheese pairings and how to mind your money on what could be a very expensive appetizer.

Did you know a cheese platter can also be a dessert course?  Check out the Barefoot Contessa’s guide.

Here are three suggestions, all great options for this Holiday Season.  Read the full Visit Woodland post here

1.  Sliced green apples | 2.  Goat cheese (Costco) | 3.  Seka Hills Honey  | 4. Salted Pistachio nuts | 5.  Manchego cheese (Trader Joe’s).

Pairing suggestions: Manchego & baguette | Gourmet cracker, green apple & honey drizzled Goat cheese (my personal favorite!) | Manchego & green apple

Hints: Drizzle an ample amount of honey over the Goat cheese | Precut a portion of the Manchego so guests don’t have to guess how much to take | Cut the bread into thin slices | Provide knives and spoons as shown.

1.  Sliced apple | 2. Proscuitto (Grocery Outlet)

Pairing Suggestions: Proscuitto works with anything, in my humble opinion! | Apple & Cheddar, with or without a cracker

Hints: Emily suggested keeping the meats on a separate board than the cheese, in case a guest or two are vegetarians.

1.  Lori Carrion’s spiced almonds  | 2.  Blue Cheese (Grocery Outlet) | 3. Apricots & Apricot preserve | 4. Store bought mixed olives

Pairing Suggestions: Baguette, apricot preserve & Blue Cheese | A handful of nuts (trust me, you’ll grab more..they are delicious)


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